Cambridge Headboard

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Combining simplistic charm and contemporary sophistication with its padded board and slit panelled effect, makes it a great addition to any bedrooms.

Available with horizontal panels or vertical panels.

Complete this headboard with our upholstered bed base.

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King : 1900 x 1100 or 1200 x 70mm
Queen: 1600x 1100 or 1200 x 70mm
Double: 1450 x 1100 or 1200 x 70mm
King Single: 1100 x 110 or 1200 x 70mm
Single: 960 x 1100 or 1200 x 70mm


Frame: Kiln-dried plantation timber


10 Year Guarantee

Care & Maintenance

To preserve your furniture's longevity and appearance, follow key practices. Dust accumulates daily. Regular, weekly vacuuming with low suction prevents fabric deterioration. Address inevitable pilling with a battery-operated tool. Avoid contact with external walls or radiators to prevent moisture damage. Place upholstered furniture away from direct sunlight to minimize fading. Professional cleaning every 12 months is recommended.