Outdoor Furniture Trends 2024

Outdoor Furniture Trends 2024 - Olan Living

Australia's outdoor entertaining culture is an integral part of our identity. Blessed with a climate that draws us outdoors for most of the year.  We have mastered the art of alfresco living. From backyard birthday parties, to Sunday lunches and cocktail parties - we understand the value of a life spent outside. 

Most of us save all our entertaining for the warmer months, yet for many years our outdoor style was not always what it could be.  But times have changed - gone are plastic banana loungers, treated pine tables and the ubiquitous stackable plastic chair.  Today’s entertainers are creating outdoor spaces with the love and attention they deserve.  Creating a beautiful oasis, whether it be a suburban garden or an inner city balcony, has never been more popular and more attainable.  Let's explore the emerging trends that are shaping the way Australians enjoy their outdoor environments.

  1. Natural Materials and Organic Designs:

In 2023, many Australians are leaning towards outdoor furniture that seamlessly blends with their natural surroundings. This trend has seen a rise in the use of natural materials such as wood, rattan, and stone in outdoor furniture design. Furniture pieces are often crafted with minimalistic, organic shapes that accentuate the beauty of the outdoors. This approach also includes materials that have been created to look like nature’s creations while remaining practical.

Rome Teak Outdoor Dining Chairs
  1. Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Options:

As sustainability becomes a central concern, Australians are increasingly opting for outdoor furniture made from eco-friendly materials. Recycled and repurposed wood, along with materials like bamboo and recycled plastics, are being embraced in outdoor furniture design. In 2023, eco-conscious consumers are keen to reduce their environmental footprint, and this is reflected in their choice of outdoor furnishings.

  1. Outdoor Lounging Spaces:

With so many homes having their outdoor space directly off the kitchen/dining area there has been a subtle shift towards focussing on relaxation in our outdoor spaces.  While in a perfect scenario you can have both dining and lounging in your outdoor area, sometimes you do have to make a choice.  If you have an indoor dining table then you can always serve the meal inside and move outside after for a cocktail in a beautiful sitting area.

Outdoor “lounge rooms” need to be every bit as comfortable and glamorous as their indoor counterparts.

  1. Modular and Versatile Furniture:

Modular outdoor furniture is a growing trend that accommodates the dynamic needs of Australian homeowners. With the ability to rearrange and adapt the pieces, modular furniture offers flexibility for all your outdoor activities.  Olan Living has the beautiful Ora sofa which can be arranged in any configuration to suit your needs.  And comes in an amazing yellow as well the trust neutrals.

  1. Comfort:

This trend sees the incorporation of plush outdoor sofas, deep-seated lounge chairs, and even outdoor rugs, all designed for ultimate comfort. Australians are transforming their outdoor areas into cozy retreats where they can relax, unwind, and enjoy the fresh air without compromising on luxury of comfort.

  1. Color:

While neutral colors remain popular, bold colour is where it is at this season.  From brightly coloured lounges to bright decorative accent cushions .  Colour blocking has moved from the wardrobe to the outdoors too - think solid colours.  Even those of us who only like white can find an easy way to add a pop of colour; and if you are not feeling brave enough to go very bright - there is always a blue that should do the job without going crazy.

No matter which trend you are considering, one thing that is consistent across all areas is that too much is just too much.  Keep all the “extras” in the garage for now because the outdoors is elegant, contemporary and stylish.

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