Why Use Outdoor Rugs?

Why Use Outdoor Rugs? - Olan Living

Outdoor rugs work beautifully because it ties the space together by anchoring the décor and furniture, and makes your outdoor area feel just as warm, inviting, and polished as the rest of your home. Without a rug to anchor the space, it can feel as though the furniture is floating in space.

Outdoor Rugs

Rugs protect and prevent surface area damage.

Outdoor rugs are made to withstand lots of traffic and rough conditions, making them an excellent choice for homes with kids and pets. There is a tactile element, especially if you are enjoying the outdoors barefoot. Outdoor rugs can instantly make your otherwise brown decking area colourful and filled with pattern.

Outdoor Rugs

What size outdoor rug should I choose?

When determining the size of your outdoor rug, choose a rug that is slightly smaller than the space with your furniture and leave enough space around the edges for walking and navigating. Measure your space so that you get a good idea of the rug size you need.

Caring for your outdoor rug

Can outdoor rugs be left in the rain?

Yes, outdoor rugs can withstand the elements. However, it is always good to clean them thoroughly after heavy rain by shaking off dirt and debris, and hose them down if needed. After hosing them down, allow it to dry fully.

Outdoor Rugs

How do I make my rug last longer?

You can store it away during the winter months to extend the life of your rug. Check out our wide variety of outdoor rugs at Olan Living. >> Click Here

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