From day to night: Outdoor Furniture for Versatile Spaces and Creating the Perfect Space for Summer Parties

From day to night:  Outdoor Furniture for Versatile Spaces and Creating the Perfect Space for Summer Parties - Olan Living

I have a huge love of multifunctional space and furniture.  I prefer items that can move around as required - a stool that can double as a table or so on.  When designing outdoor spaces that seamlessly transition from day to night; the importance of versatile furniture that can adapt to different functions and atmospheres is key. Here are some ideas for outdoor furniture that works well in to create the versatile spaces required for modern living:

Modular Seating:

Choose modular sofas and sectionals that can be rearranged to create different seating arrangements. This flexibility allows you to adapt the space for various activities.  Also modular furniture is designed to move so that if you need to move it all to the garage for a dance party that is easily done.


Extending Tables

Opt for dining tables that can transform the everyday to larger dining tables when required.  Our Verona extending table goes from 2m to a whopping 3m. Some tables come with adjustable heights or folding extensions.

Matching Tables

If you have a couple of courtyards or balconies it is possible to use the same table in both areas.  That way when you do have a large group for celebrations you can put the two together without having to deal with mismatched heights and widths.  

Bar Tables

Now this is my absolute favourite option outdoors because it works well for families; for parties and also for working from home.  My next purchase will be 2 or 3 of the Miller Bar Tables.  That way I can have them all together 90% of the time for meals but when the party season arrives they can be used separately the way bar tables are intended.

Bar Tables

Fire Pits and Heaters:

Incorporate fire pits or outdoor heaters to provide warmth as the temperature drops in the evening. This not only adds a practical element but also creates a cozy atmosphere.  If you opt for a firepit or portable heater then make sure they can be easily moved for warmer weather.


A firm favourite festoon lighting (or party lighting) creates a soft, festive feeling even during the day time.  Freestanding hurricane lanterns are also a great option and the usual approach is to use candles with them.  I prefer to use either a string of solar lights bundled up or a battery operated candle.  Just in case I go to bed and forget to extinguish the candles - much less risky if there is no flame.


Weather can be terribly unreliable most of the time. We need to be prepared for all types.  While it is great to have an undercover area sometimes it is not large enough to protect all the guests you may have invited.  Adding an extra marquee or tent can be a great solution.  

Weather-Resistant Furniture:

Lounge beds or daybeds designed with weather-resistant materials can be used for sunbathing during the day and comfortably accommodate evening gatherings.  Quick drying performance materials will also make a huge difference when that unexpected downpour arrives.

Remote-Controlled Features:

Opt for outdoor furniture with remote-controlled features, such as adjustable lighting or built-in speakers. This allows you to easily change the ambiance as the day transitions into night.  Coloured LED strip lighting is easy to find and can quickly change the entire feel of an outdoor area.

Rugs and Outdoor Carpets:

Define different zones in your outdoor space using outdoor rugs or carpets. This not only adds comfort but also contributes to the visual separation of areas for various activities.  Always opt for acrylic or polypropylene outdoor rugs as they just need a quick hose after the festivities.

By combining these elements, you can create a versatile outdoor space that is functional and inviting throughout the day and into the night. Be sure to consider the climate in your area and choose materials that can withstand outdoor conditions and suit your style.

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