Colour blocking in outdoor furniture- Colour Blocking is not just for clothes

Colour blocking in outdoor furniture- Colour Blocking is not just for clothes - Olan Living
Colour blocking is a fun and dynamic trend that involves pairing contrasting colours together to create visually striking and bold combinations. When applying colour blocking to your outdoor furniture in 2023, consider the following ideas:

Colour blocking in outdoor furniture

High-Contrast: Pair bold and contrasting colours together to create a strong visual impact. Think of combinations like orange and blue, pink and green, or yellow and purple. Use these contrasting pairs for different furniture pieces like chairs, tables, and cushions.

Colour blocking in outdoor furniture

Harmony: Select a colour family and use different shades within that family. For instance, if you opt for a range of greens, incorporate mint, sage, and emerald green furniture pieces to achieve a harmonious and sophisticated look.

Pops of Colour: Start with a neutral base colour, such as white, grey, or beige, for your larger furniture items. Then, add vibrant and contrasting coloured cushions, throw pillows, or smaller accent pieces to bring a playful touch to the space.

Transition: Choose a colour and create a gradient effect by gradually transitioning from one shade to another. This can be achieved by selecting furniture items that range from light to dark within the same colour family.

Organic:  Find inspiration from nature by choosing colours found in your outdoor surroundings. Earthy tones like deep browns, greens, and terracotta can be paired together to create a harmonious and nature-inspired colour-blocking scheme.

Retro: Embrace retro colour combinations like teal and mustard yellow or coral and aqua. These combinations can add a fun and nostalgic atmosphere to your outdoor area.

Trim: Apply colour blocking by adding contrasting trim or edging to your furniture pieces. For example, a chair with a bright red trim against a white frame can create a bold visual contrast.

Remember that the key to successful colour blocking is balance. While you want to create a lively and eye-catching outdoor space, be mindful not to overwhelm the area with too many contrasting colours.  Choose one of the above schemes and stick with that one.  This is not a mix and match situation.  

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